My current and ongoing project is concerned with the protection of unique environments and the role nature reserves and protected areas play in the survival and regeneration of ecosystems, flora and fauna. Dumfries & Galloway has a rich diversity of natural and sensitive environments, from estuarine sand and mud flats, to ancient native woodland; tidal rivers to lowland heaths; moorland mountains to wildflower meadows, each deserving protection and conservation with various local to international protection statuses in place. My work includes:

Project research; looking into nature reserves, their unique flora and fauna, conservation status and specific issues.  

Poetry; written in the field and used as reference to capture the memory, emotion and atmosphere of habitats over different seasons and in various climatic conditions.

Photography; as an artistic representation and record of the site and its inhabitants.

Oil paintings and sketches; creative work drawing from all the project components.

I will be working on a number of projects across different reserves and adding material and artwork as I progress.

Kirkconnell Flow

Kirkconnell Flow is an internationally important and highly threatened estuarine raised bog habitat, which makes up part of the Solway Mosses North Special Area of Conservation (SAC), Natura 2000 network (UK0012907) and lies within the Nith Estuary National Scenic Area (NSA). It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and the site was declared a National Nature Reserve (NNR) in 1959 …continue reading

Carstramon Wood

Carstramon Wood (also Castramont Wood) is an ancient oak woodland surrounding Castramont House, now gifted to the Scottish Wildlife Trust. The approach from Anwoth takes you on a raised parallel road giving a magnificent view down across the river valley where it meets the forest. The newly leafing trees gather like clouds up the hillside, and (this year in mid-May) a delightful transformation occurs – contained behind the stone wall and settled as if first snow, lies a glimpsed shade of blue resting between the bases of the lower trees …continue reading


Mersehead RSPB reserve …continue reading

Wood of Cree

Hen Reedbeds

Hen Reedbeds nature reserve is a truly spectacular sight as the winter sun begins to set, dotted with highlights of sun which the grass seedheads reflect. The masses of reeds shift in the breeze, flattening and moving in a shimmering gold display. Emerging in pools, fens and dykes between the growth the shallow water seeps up from the ground, providing habitat for rare birds such as bitterns, marsh harriers and bearded tits. This nature reserve has been restored, extended and linked to other sites in response to habitat loss as a result of global warming in recent years …continue reading

Southwick Coast

Rockcliffe & Colvend Coast