Catherine Coulson | Surface | 2019 | oil on board | 12x16

Catherine Coulson | Moss and Sticks, Kirkconnell Flow | 2018 | gouache on watercolour paper | 15x20cm

Catherine Coulson | Gutcher's Isle Rocks, Colvend Coast | 2018 | oil on board | 24x20in

My artwork explores ecology, biodiversity and conservation and contemplates our connection with nature, and our stewardship role towards remaining semi-wild ecosystems. I am interested in the relationship between aesthetics and emotion, in particular our response when contemplating the impermanence and shifting atmosphere of natural habitats, not often experienced in modern living. The practice of fieldwork results in exposure and absorption, time and repetition produce an intimacy which translates into a personal narrative. Artistically there is much to consider beyond visual representation of landscape, the unfathomable complexity and subtle differences between biotopes.

My studio oil paintings make broad abstractions of visual detail, concentrating on colour relationships, line, form and gestural marks to make expressive, emotional responses. My work aims to demonstrate thought and responsibility in its themes and materials, using specialist environmentally and health-conscious materials, mediums and paints.



Please note: artwork has been reproduced as true to actual colour as possible, however computer monitors vary and do not necessarily display colours the same way. Artworks can be viewed in person or additional images sent of any artwork of interest.