Virtual Studio | Welcome

This year has been an unusual experience for most of us, where ‘normal’ life has been challenged and we have been limited in what we can do, especially in terms of socialising and enjoying art and culture.

I wanted to look at new ways to connect with friends and customers online as an alternative for visiting the studio. 

I have decided to expand my website to make a kind of Virtual Studio – where people can come and visit me to share ideas and conversation and have a look at what I am up to! 

So take a look around and explore… scroll down to see some of the new things I have added, including the launch of my online store, new blog and chatroom.


This will be an online event, and my website here will be my VIRTUAL STUDIO. Please come and visit during the week as there will be daily updates with brand new work added and special Spring Fling discounts. I will be online if you fancy a chat or if you have any questions. 

Specials for Spring Fling 5th-12th October

For customers who want to buy paintings and photographs, I have launched an online shop, where items will be added over the coming weeks, so check back! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Look out for special DISCOUNTS throughout the Autumn 

I have decided to blog directly on my website, giving a platform for a place to share things as they happen, a bit like a combined social media feed with a bit of writing, some poetry, photographs and what I am working on in the studio.

A place to record short field notes and to share my surroundings, explorations and ideas with you. Check back over the coming weeks for new content…

Join the conversation!

Head over to the Cat Coulson Art chatroom on Element to say hi … 

A place to hang out and chat about art, nature and beyond! 

Have a look at the process of beginning new work for the series PATINA

Since lockdown, my studio has been closed, so I have had to get inventive with limited materials. Adapting to different ways of working can be a great way to experiment and get creative with new ideas. I have been making test pieces and paintings exploring surface and patina; layering, under-printing and building up texture with different materials and paints.

Find out about the ways I work to protect the sensitive habitats I spend time in, ideas for making art in a more sustainable way, and the environmentally conscious materials and suppliers I use. 


Find out about the research aspect of my work. Read about the beautiful diverse habitats and nature reserves of Dumfries and Galloway and the species that inhabit them. The nature reserves project started as a resource for me to gather together all the information that I had found about the reserves I work in, as well as sharing my photographs and observations from many visits. New material is added as I work my way through identifying species and complete essays about different reserves.