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Environmental Statement & The Green Studio

the green studio

Environmental statement

I aim to demonstrate sustainable practices in my work, using environmentally responsible materials where possible. As an artist interested in ecopsychology, I hope to encourage the relationship and connection between ourselves and nature, but at the same time to raise awareness of the sensitivity of natural ecosystems and minimise disturbance by human interaction, promoting the conservation of threatened habitats and reserves. Environmental stewardship takes into account the impact of work practices in these places and beyond to the general environment, considering the suitability of materials, processes and approach. 

'Green' studio practice

Sustainable materials & suppliers

Looking for environmentally ethical products can be a difficult process as often there is no straightforward winning choice. I continue to research various solutions particularly in packaging. I try to source products from companies with environmental concerns for their products, manufacturing processes and carbon footprint and those with reducing and recycling policies, the following are some of the products that I currently use.

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An artist lead project in collaboration with Gamblin paints which was funded through Kickstarter.



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Getting the Balance Right: Five Guidelines for Sustainable Practice by Carl Alviani and Nels Gabbert.

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Company information about FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council®) certification.

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