The Big Art Project | 2019 | 5-6th October

The Big Art Project Exhibition Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October 2019

Kirkcudbright Galleries | St. Mary Street | Kirkcudbright | DG6 4AA

5.October 10am-5pm & 6.October 12noon-5pm.


The Big Art Project Exhibition and Fundraising Event. Artwork by pupils of Kirkcudbright Primary School, inspired by working with local artists. Display and auction of work by artists Catherine Coulson, Jane Howe, Margaret Milligan, Carol Reece and Kathleen Woods. Proceeds to Kirkcudbright Primary School Parent Council.

I  had a brilliant day at Kirkcudbright Primary School, teaching art for The Big Art Project fundraiser, with 5 artists each teaching different themes and skills. The school was split into houses with mixed age groups; my group was Sassoon and our theme was nature and elements.

 I wanted to give the students an understanding of the concept of inspiration and an example of how an artist might work; in the morning we explored a small woodland, focusing on our senses and writing down field observations about what we could see, hear and touch, paying particular attention to the complex and subtle colours of leaves, bark and sky. We returned to the classrooms to work on colour mixing and in the afternoon, worked in small groups to produce collaborative poems, re-creating the woodland from all the different memories and notes. Then we made our final pieces of artwork to hang in the gallery, focusing on the elements that most inspired us as individuals, to produce creative paintings and noticed how each piece of work was unique even though we were drawing inspiration from the same place and subject. The children worked really hard to produce some beautiful sensitive work, and I am very excited to see it displayed in the wonderful Kirkcudbright Galleries exhibition, along with work by the teaching artists.