a photograph of a dragonfly on lichen by Catherine Coulson © 2019 Catherine Coulson


Photography is an integral part of my process, providing the challenge and excitement of trying to capture the astounding intricacy and beauty of nature. Working in nature reserves and semi-wild habitats offers constantly shifting subject matter, atmosphere and environment. There is always something new to discover. I also use photography to record flora, fauna and elements of the ecosystems for research and identification.


Spending time in an environment gives opportunity to see things from new perspectives. There is much to contemplate in the aesthetics of nature; randomness and pattern, impermanence and shifting atmosphere, patina of weather, decay and growth; it is a question of what we each see and experience and how we share that vision, focusing on what characterises a place, so often a contrast of complexity and tranquillity in ecocentric habitats. For me photography is a documentation and artistic narrative, I like the thought that each shot is a capture of history, a record of an experience and set of components that can never be again, coming together in that single moment.



After studying film and photographic arts at university, I worked as a freelance photographer and gained experience in television and film production with various media companies and private clients. 



In 2017 my photograph ‘Fire and Ice’ was selected for the permanent onsite exhibition ‘The People’s Parliament’ at The Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. It showed a sunset over the declining salt marsh at Rockcliffe dusted with snow – a rare occurrence in the Gulf Stream climate of the Solway Firth.

A selection of mounted prints are available to buy in the shop, or please contact me for enquiries.


Mounted photograph, product shot © 2020 Catherine Coulson

A selection of photographs taken in nature reserves and locations where I work around South West Scotland are available in the shop, more will be added soon, so check back to see whats new!


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Winter, Kennick Burn
A photograph illustrating the wet ravines are ideal habitats for bryophytes, lichens and ferns at Wood of Cree © Catherine Coulson 2018
Wood of Cree
a photograph of emerging snowdrops by Catherine Coulson © 2018 Catherine Coulson
Snowdrop studies
photograph of frogspawn and reeds in a pond by Catherine Coulson © 2020 Catherine Coulson
Frogspawn, field pond

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