Artist Statement

a photograph of a gouache painting title 'Unfurl' by artist Catherine Coulson © 2019 Catherine Coulson

a photograph of a gouache painting title 'Sphagnum Mound, Summer, Kirkconnell Flow' by artist Catherine Coulson © 2019 Catherine Coulson

Artist Statement

Inspired by our connection with nature, my artwork explores ecology, habitat diversity and conservation and aims to demonstrate thought, responsibility and stewardship in its themes and materials.


I create aesthetic and emotional responses to natural environments, drawing from their richness and complexity; impermanence and atmosphere. 


Regular practice involves spending time in nature reserves and biodiverse habitats, through varying seasons and weather, observing subtle differences in natural components and organisms which make up unique ecosystems. 


This process of being absorbed in a place, encourages an intimacy and involvement which comes with time and repetition, a ‘feel’ for a location which begins to translate through the artwork, landscapes become more closely focused, rather observational studies of nature. My oil paintings intend to bring together different perspectives into a personal narrative of the location.


Fieldwork and location research in combination build a creative and informed process. I write poetry to document non-visual information stimulating memory and imagination and use photography expressively and to record flora and fauna. Gouache field studies help to make broad abstractions of visual detail which are incorporated into oil paintings concentrating on colour relationships, line, form and gestural marks, making expressive, impressionist and abstract paintings looking beyond visual representation to describe an experience.