My artwork explores ecology, biodiversity and conservation and contemplates our connection with nature, and our stewardship role towards remaining semi-wild ecosystems.

 I am interested in the relationship between aesthetics and emotion, in particular our response when contemplating the impermanence and shifting atmosphere of natural habitats, not often experienced in modern living. 

The practice of fieldwork results in exposure and absorption, time and repetition produce an intimacy which translates into a personal narrative. Artistically there is much to consider beyond visual representation of landscape, the unfathomable complexity and subtle differences between biotopes.


My creative response to these elements include exploratory studies in different mediums; photography, poetry, gouache and mixed media sketches in addition to project research.


These inform my studio oil paintings which make broad abstractions of visual detail, concentrating on colour relationships, line, form and gestural marks to make expressive, emotional responses.


In 2000 I received an honours degree in Visual Art at Bournemouth University and 2014 I completed oil painting specialisms in Abstraction, Expressionism and Impressionism at the Norfolk Painting School mentored by Martin Kinnear.


Professional development currently involves an opportunity to work alongside acclaimed wildlife artist John Threlfall SWLA developing my fieldwork skills in observational wildlife study.


My work aims to demonstrate thought and responsibility in its themes and materials, using specialist environmentally and health-conscious materials, mediums and paints.