Spring Fling 2020

Spring Fling 2020 - 5th - 12th October

My website here is the home of my VIRTUAL STUDIO. Please come and visit during the week as there will be daily updates with new work added and special Spring Fling discounts. I will be online if you fancy a chat or if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy the digital Spring Fling this year, and look forward to seeing you perhaps next year! For all the links to the event and to see other studios read on below… or read my blog post Spring Fling Rescheduled to see what’s been going on in preparation for the week. My painting Druid Loch is displayed at The Whitehouse Gallery in Kirkcudbright as part of the ‘Looking In‘ Exhibition.

Studio 29

5-12th October

The event will take place from 5-12 October 2020. It will be online with an extensive digital programme open to all audiences.
Organisers are delighted to present Virtual Studios for the first time which will allow audiences to virtually enter around 80 studios on the website, with the aim of replicating the ‘studio’ as much as possible.

Virtual studios www.spring-fling.co.uk/studios/

My studio 29 https://www.spring-fling.co.uk/portfolio-posts/catherine-coulson/

Window Exhibitions

5-12th October

As part of the promotion for Spring Fling 2020, window displays have been set up to allow people to see work without visiting a studio. Venues include The Look Out, Langholm, The Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbright & Number 11, Wigtown. My work can be seen at The Whitehouse Gallery in Kirkcudbright.