Wasps Kirkcudbright Artists Exhibition

Wasps Kirkcudbright Artists Exhibition

Wasps Kirkcudbright Artists Exhibitions '10 Years On'

I have paintings in two exhibitions opening on July 10th, one physical and one digital. Fourteen past and present Kirkcudbright Wasps Artists show work in exhibitions ’10 Years On’, celebrating 10 years of Cannonwalls and Claverhouse Studios. The physical exhibition is at Kirkcudbright Galleries in Dumfries & Galloway (www.kirkcudbrightgalleries.org.uk) and will run until November 28th. Kirkcudbright Galleries holds the permanent Kirkcudbright Artists collection and the Viking age ‘Galloway Hoard’ will be on tour from 9th October.

Exhibition in Kirkcudbright Galleries

10. July – 28. November 2021 10 Years On. Physical exhibition celebrating 10 years of Wasps Kirkcudbright Artists. Mitchell Gallery, Kirkcudbright Galleries, St. Mary Street, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway, DG6 4AA.

The interactive ‘walk around’ digital exhibition displays  different works from the physical exhibition and is presented by Wasps (gallery.wasps.scot) with a virtual Launch Night Friday 9 July, 6pm with artists talks.(www.waspsstudios.org.uk/latest/events/ten-years-on/) 

Digital 'walk around' exhibition

10. July – 31. August 2021. Wasps Kirkcudbright Artists Digital Exhibition. Partner exhibition to ’10 Years On’ with online access featuring separate works. 

Digital Opening 9. July gallery.wasps.scot -More information waspsstudios.org.uk/latest/events/ten-years-on/

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